The State of Odisha is generously bestowed with rich mineral wealth. The state is the top producer of some of..

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MEMCW in Odisha

Promoting awareness among the stake holders is primarily to educate the industry as well as surrounding community.

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Out of the 565 leases of the state of Odisha, presently about 190 are working. Without prejudice to the...

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Awarding the winner in a healthy competition is the motivation for participation. Hence, the MEMC Week...

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We Have The Responsibility

Sustainable Development is our Goal

Inclusive Growth

We care for community. We give back.

Our Causes


Mine Water Magagement

In the Chromite sector, last year a transformation has taken place in Effluent Treatment of water. Many mines have built state of the art ETPs in series to meet the demands of effluent water management.

Waste Dump Management

Being broken earthen material, the dumps require substantial time to settle and compact. Therefore, to prevent slope failures, multi-level dumping with terraced intervals,...

Air Pollution Management

Dust suppression is an integral area of concern, so far as mines environment protection is concerned. Today, many mines are seen to have made sizable investments in suppressing....

Reclamation of Mined out Areas

The mining operators are serious in implementing the law of the land. Fully mined out pits are required be reclaimed by various approaches. Major approach being backfilling of the mined out pits.